a‭ ‬day‭ ‬without‭ ‬laughter‭ ‬is‭ ‬a‭ ‬day‭ ‬wasted – charlie chaplin


“If you’re too busy to laugh, you are too busy.”


I‭ ‬just‭ ‬spent‭ ‬a‭ ‬night‭ ‬out‭ ‬with‭ ‬a‭ ‬friend‭ ‬that‭ ‬always‭ ‬laughs‭ ‬and‭ ‬I‭ ‬enjoy‭ ‬her‭ ‬laughter.‭ ‬Then‭ ‬I‭ ‬came‭ ‬home‭ ‬to‭ ‬read‭ ‬someone‭’‬s‭ ‬blog‭ ‬on‭ ‬psychcentral‭ ‬about‭ ‬laughter.‭ ‬I‭ ‬started‭ ‬thinking‭ ‬about‭ ‬the‭ ‬impact‭ ‬of‭ ‬laughter.

The‭ ‬most‭ ‬memorable‭ ‬thing‭ ‬I‭ ‬have‭ ‬of‭ ‬my‭ ‬mother‭ ‬is‭ ‬her‭ ‬laughter.‭ ‬So‭ ‬much‭ ‬so‭ ‬that‭ ‬I‭ ‬had‭ ‬the‭ ‬title‭ ‬of‭ ‬this‭ ‬blog‭ entry ‬put‭ ‬on‭ ‬her‭ ‬gravestone. ‭ ‬She‭ ‬had‭ ‬the‭ ‬most‭ ‬amazing‭ ‬laugh‭ ‬that‭ ‬would‭ ‬brighten‭ ‬a‭ ‬room. ‭ ‬I‭ ‬was‭ ‬thinking‭ ‬how‭ ‬much‭ ‬laughter‭ ‬impacts‭ ‬our‭ ‬lives. ‭ ‬The‭ ‬most‭ ‬commented‭ ‬thing‭ ‬about‭ ‬my‭ ‬mother‭ ‬at‭ ‬her‭ ‬wake‭ ‬was‭ ‬about‭ ‬her‭ ‬laugh‭ ‬and‭ ‬how‭ ‬she‭ ‬would‭ ‬laugh‭ ‬at‭ ‬virtually‭ ‬anything.


“Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive.”

–Bill Cosby

Laughter‭ ‬truly‭ ‬heals‭ ‬our‭ ‬soul.‭ ‬I‭ ‬love‭ ‬making‭ ‬people‭ ‬laugh‭ ‬and‭ ‬smile.‭ ‬I‭ ‬will‭ ‬make‭ ‬a‭ ‬fool‭ ‬of‭ ‬myself‭ ‬sometimes‭ ‬just‭ ‬to‭ ‬get‭ ‬a‭ ‬laugh‭ ‬or‭ ‬smile‭ ‬from‭ ‬someone.‭ ‬Even‭ ‬if‭ ‬they‭ ‬are‭ ‬thinking‭ ‬I‭ ‬am‭ ‬a‭ ‬complete‭ ‬idiot‭ ‬they‭ ‬are‭ ‬smiling‭ ‬or‭ ‬laughing.‭ ‬Goal‭ ‬accomplished.‭ ‬:‭)‬

Sometimes‭ ‬laughter‭ ‬heals‭ ‬from‭ ‬laughing‭ ‬and‭ ‬other‭ ‬times‭ ‬it‭ ‬heals‭ ‬from‭ ‬making‭ ‬others‭ ‬laugh.‭ ‬Much‭ ‬of‭ ‬my‭ ‬joy‭ ‬comes‭ ‬from‭ ‬making‭ ‬other‭ ‬people‭ ‬happy.‭ ‬Whether‭ ‬that‭ ‬be‭ ‬my‭ ‬wife,‭ ‬my‭ ‬kids,‭ ‬friends,‭ ‬co-workers,‭ ‬or‭ ‬complete‭ ‬strangers.‭ ‬I‭ ‬just‭ ‬like‭ ‬making‭ ‬people‭ ‬happy‭ ‬even‭ ‬if‭ ‬that‭ ‬is‭ ‬just‭ ‬for‭ ‬a‭ ‬brief‭ ‬moment. ‭ ‬In‭ ‬my‭ ‬darkest‭ ‬moments‭ ‬in‭ ‬life,‭ ‬it‭ ‬is‭ ‬laughter‭ ‬or‭ ‬a‭ ‬smile‭ ‬that‭ ‬helped‭ ‬pull‭ ‬me‭ ‬through. ‭ ‬There‭ ‬is‭ ‬more‭ ‬to‭ ‬it‭ ‬than‭ ‬that,‭ ‬but‭ ‬laughter‭ ‬definitely‭ ‬had‭ ‬a‭ ‬healing‭ ‬and‭ ‬mood‭ ‬changing‭ ‬effect.


Laughter is an instant vacation.

–Milton Berle

When‭ ‬I‭ ‬end‭ ‬up‭ ‬in‭ ‬a‭ ‬lovely‭ ‬dark‭ ‬pit‭ ‬of‭ ‬emotions,‭ ‬I‭ ‬find‭ ‬myself‭ ‬watching‭ ‬mostly‭ ‬comedies‭ ‬and‭ ‬things‭ ‬that‭ ‬make‭ ‬me‭ ‬smile,‭ ‬or‭ ‬action,‭ ‬but‭ ‬even‭ ‬then‭ ‬most‭ ‬of‭ ‬the‭ ‬action‭ ‬stuff‭ ‬is‭ ‬the‭ ‬kind‭ ‬that‭ ‬has‭ ‬humor‭ ‬to‭ ‬it.‭ ‬The‭ ‬fun‭ ‬one-liners‭ ‬etc.‭ ‬The‭ M‬ummy‭ ‬is‭ ‬the‭ ‬first‭ ‬movie‭ ‬I‭ ‬ever‭ ‬bought‭ ‬on‭ ‬dvd.‭ ‬It‭ ‬is‭ ‬probably‭ ‬the‭ ‬most‭ ‬played‭ ‬movie‭ ‬in‭ ‬this‭ ‬house. ‭ ‬It‭ ‬is‭ ‬not‭ ‬a‭ ‬masterpiece‭ ‬by‭ ‬any‭ ‬means,‭ ‬but‭ ‬it‭ ‬has‭ ‬the‭ ‬right‭ ‬tone‭ ‬and‭ ‬feel‭ ‬for‭ ‬me.‭ ‬It‭ ‬makes‭ ‬me‭ ‬laugh,‭ ‬it‭ ‬is‭ ‬light‭ ‬hearted‭ ‬and‭ ‬fun. ‭ ‬I‭ ‬also‭ ‬bought‭ ‬the‭ ‬ultimate‭ ‬edition‭ ‬when‭ ‬it‭ ‬came‭ ‬out‭ ‬which‭ ‬I‭ ‬like‭ ‬listening‭ ‬to‭ ‬brendan‭ ‬fraser‭ ‬commentary‭ ‬on‭ ‬it‭ ‬because‭ ‬again,‭ ‬it‭ ‬is‭ ‬fun.

 I‭ ‬think‭ ‬much‭ ‬of‭ ‬life‭ ‬would‭ ‬be‭ ‬better‭ ‬if‭ ‬we‭ ‬could‭ ‬just‭ ‬laugh‭ ‬more‭ ‬and‭ ‬not‭ ‬be‭ ‬so‭ ‬serious‭ ‬about‭ ‬everything. ‭ ‬Even‭ ‬when‭ ‬we‭ ‬must‭ ‬be‭ ‬serious‭ ‬you‭ ‬can‭ ‬find‭ ‬things‭ ‬to‭ ‬make‭ ‬you‭ ‬smile.‭ ‬My‭ ‬wife‭ ‬had‭ ‬to‭ ‬adjust‭ ‬to‭ ‬me‭ ‬after‭ ‬we‭ ‬got‭ ‬married.‭ ‬When‭ ‬an‭ ‬argument‭ ‬would‭ ‬get‭ ‬too‭ ‬heated,‭ ‬I‭ ‬would‭ ‬start‭ ‬making‭ ‬jokes‭ ‬or‭ ‬finding‭ ‬humor‭ ‬in‭ ‬things. ‭ ‬She‭ ‬took‭ ‬it‭ ‬as‭ ‬I‭ ‬was‭ ‬not‭ ‬taking‭ ‬things‭ ‬seriously,‭ ‬but‭ ‬I‭ ‬was.‭ ‬I‭ ‬just‭ ‬was‭ ‬trying‭ ‬to‭ ‬bring‭ ‬things‭ ‬into‭ ‬a‭ ‬more‭ ‬manageable‭ ‬state‭ ‬for‭ ‬me.‭ ‬If‭ ‬that‭ ‬makes‭ ‬sense.


The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter.

–Mark Twain

I‭ ‬also‭ ‬have‭ ‬fun‭ ‬songs‭ ‬I‭ ‬like‭ ‬to‭ ‬listen‭ ‬to.‭ ‬Things‭ ‬I‭ ‬will‭ ‬dance‭ ‬around‭ ‬silly‭ ‬to‭ ‬sometimes‭ ‬and‭ ‬just‭ ‬put‭ ‬me‭ ‬in‭ ‬a‭ ‬good‭ ‬mood.‭ ‬The‭ ‬song‭ “A‬ll‭ S‬tar‭” ‬by‭ S‬mash‭ M‬outh‭ ‬is‭ ‬one‭ ‬such‭ ‬song‭ ‬that‭ ‬I‭ ‬love.‭ ‬Also‭ ‬almost‭ ‬anything‭ ‬by‭ W‬eird‭ A‬l‭ ‬is‭ ‬awesome.‭ ‬During‭ C‬hristmas‭ ‬while‭ ‬I‭ ‬love‭ ‬the‭ ‬classics,‭ ‬sometimes‭ ‬you‭ ‬will‭ ‬find‭ ‬me‭ ‬playing‭ “R‬usty‭ C‬heverolet‭” ‬or‭ ‬various‭ ‬tunes‭ ‬from‭ B‬ob‭ R‬ivers. ‭ ‬Music‭ ‬is‭ ‬a‭ ‬big‭ ‬part‭ ‬of‭ ‬my‭ ‬life‭ ‬and‭ ‬so‭ ‬it‭ ‬would‭ ‬hold‭ ‬true‭ ‬I‭ ‬would‭ ‬find‭ ‬songs‭ ‬that‭ ‬make‭ ‬me‭ ‬laugh‭ ‬in‭ ‬it‭ ‬as‭ ‬well.

Everyday‭ ‬you‭ ‬should‭ ‬find‭ ‬one‭ ‬thing‭ ‬that‭ ‬makes‭ ‬you‭ ‬smile‭ ‬or‭ ‬laugh.‭ ‬Something‭ ‬that‭ ‬makes‭ ‬you‭ ‬feel‭ ‬good.‭ ‬When‭ ‬life‭ ‬is‭ ‬putting‭ ‬you‭ ‬through‭ ‬a‭ ‬trial,‭ ‬toss‭ ‬in‭ W‬eird‭ A‬l‭’‬s‭ “D‬are‭ ‬to‭ B‬e‭ St‬upid‭” ‬song.‭ ‬My‭ ‬wife‭ ‬does‭ ‬not‭ ‬appreciate‭ ‬the‭ ‬song,‭ ‬but‭ ‬I‭ ‬believe‭ ‬it‭ ‬has‭ ‬something‭ ‬to‭ ‬do‭ ‬with‭ ‬the‭ ‬cd‭ ‬getting‭ ‬caught‭ ‬on‭ ‬repeat‭ ‬while‭ ‬we‭ ‬slept‭ ‬one‭ ‬night‭ ‬and‭ ‬playing‭ ‬the‭ ‬song‭ ‬over‭ ‬and‭ ‬over‭ ‬and‭ ‬over‭ ‬again‭ ‬while‭ ‬we‭ ‬slept.‭ ‬LOL ‭ ‬poor‭ ‬girl,‭ ‬she‭ ‬endures‭ ‬a‭ ‬lot‭ ‬from‭ ‬me.‭ ‬Yet‭ ‬somehow‭ ‬finds‭ ‬a‭ ‬way‭ ‬to‭ ‬still‭ ‬love‭ ‬me.


The earth laughs in flowers.

–e.e. Cummings

May‭ ‬you‭ ‬be‭ ‬blessed‭ ‬and‭ ‬thank‭ ‬you‭ ‬for‭ ‬your‭ ‬time.

As‭ ‬my‭ ‬editor‭ (‬my‭ ‬loving‭ ‬and‭ ‬patient‭ ‬wife‭) ‬is‭ ‬still‭ ‬busy‭ ‬with‭ “‬work‭” ‬things.‭ ‬Like‭ ‬that‭ ‬is‭ ‬more‭ ‬important‭ ‬then‭ ‬editing‭ ‬my‭ ‬blog‭ ‬post.‭ ‬Anyway…‭ ‬So‭ ‬any‭ ‬grammar‭ ‬errors‭ ‬are‭ ‬indeed‭ ‬of‭ ‬my‭ ‬own‭ ‬making‭ ‬and‭ ‬as‭ ‬such‭ ‬something‭ ‬to‭ ‬smile‭ ‬about‭ ‬after‭ ‬banging‭ ‬your‭ ‬head‭ ‬against‭ ‬the‭ ‬desk‭ ‬trying‭ ‬to‭ ‬reread‭ ‬a‭ ‬sentence‭ ‬three‭ ‬or‭ ‬four‭ ‬times.‭ ‬:‭)‬ ‭ ‬Remember‭ ‬the‭ ‬mark‭ ‬on‭ ‬your‭ ‬forehead‭ ‬from‭ ‬the‭ ‬desk‭ ‬and‭ ‬the‭ ‬humor‭ ‬you‭ ‬found‭ ‬from‭ ‬it‭ ‬came‭ ‬from‭ ‬me.‭ ‬:‭)

Thank‭ ‬you‭ ‬again. ‭ ‬Remember‭ ‬to‭ ‬smile.


Everybody laughs the same in every language because laughter is a universal connection.

–Jakob Smirnoff

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I love big bang theory but also watching bloopers from not just big bang theory but other movies and shows. They many times bring a laugh.

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